Established in 1972 by William Cosgrove to serve clients seeking economic growth together with sustainability of the environment.

It may seem difficult for those unfamiliar with the Canadian scene to realise that in 1972, the cost-benefit analyses used to justify construction of wastewater treatment works could not demonstrate the value of such installations. The benefits, generally attributed to clean lakes and rivers, were measured in terms of the added value to the tourist and recreation industry. Only when government recognised the health threats of certain pollutants and the value of enforced treatment did this begin to change. Ecoconsult Inc. was created at this time as an organisation dedicated to quantifying the benefits of sustainable economic development. While such approaches are agreed in principle and included in many national and international declarations of intent, to-day billions more people are living in unsustainable environments. The Ecoconsult network of professionals is dedicated to contributing its knowledge and expertise to seeking innovative ways to improve this situation.